Friday, April 18, 2008

So how about that earthquake?

How many of you felt that earthquake last night? Did it wake you up? Wasn't that crazy? I was a sitting on the couch feeding Cohen when it hit. And in the middle of the night I'm usually in a sleepy dazed state, and it took me a little bit to realize what was going on. At first I thought it was a storm blowing in, because it sounded very windy, but then I realized that everything in the kitchen was clinking and that the the house was actually shaking! I jumped up to run and wake Johnny, but he was coming out of the bedroom saying, "we're having an earthquake!" and by then it was stopping. Then there was that aftershock or second earthquake this morning around 10:15. I thought Ava might notice and freak out, but she didn't. I guess when your middle name is "earthquake" you don't notice the real ones!! :)

My brother Logan decided he wanted more senior pictures so we went and did some the other day. I guess that's a perk of having a sister who is a photographer! Here are a few from his session:
This was the first time I have gotten to use my orangy-wingback chair! I am really glad I bought it, it is going to be great for pictures! Logan just threw it in the car like it weighed nothing... wish it was that easy for me!
It's always fun to take pictures for family because they give me creative freedom! Plus Logan and I tried out some new locations, so it was fun!

Johnny just got this new software program called "Naturally Speaking" and we are loving it! neither of us are fast typers, and this program lets you speak into a microphone and the computer will type what you say! He is using it for his school work ( lots of research papers), and I have been trying it out for blogging. It's working pretty well because I can hold the baby and blog and not have to type with one hand! ( yes, I am a crazy a a multi-tasker! I have to be! :)


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