Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Aren't cousins the greatest? When I was growing up, one of the things I looked forward to most was when my cousins came to visit in the summer or at Christmastime, or now and then when we would visit them, that was the best thing ever! Most of my cousins that were around my age lived in other states, but that made it so much fun when they came to play! We built tree forts, played games, climbed trees, wrecked motorcycles, made up a fake radio station that we recorded on tapes and played back for hours in the middle of the night and laughed forever... anyway, that little reminiscing leads me to a fun session that I had the other day with two sets of sisters who are cousins. I would have loved to have had some photos like this with my cousins! Here are Sammy, Bobbie, Hannah, and Emily (hopefully I spelled the names right!)

Oh yes, the pile up pose! Love it!
And we jumped just for fun at the end! It took several tries to get them all in the air at once, but isn't it cute!? Look at the littlest one, she's adorable!
Enjoy one another now girls, because someday you're gonna miss this! :)

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