Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My First Senior Rep!

I am so excited to introduce Laina, my first Senior Rep! She is a junior this year, but I offered to do a little session for her early so she can show off her proofs and maybe drum up some more senior business for me at her high school. :) I just did her session this afternoon, but I have edited a few images, and so far, I think Laina should definitely be a model! Just beautiful!!!
I don't think you can get more photogenic than this! :) I will post more in a day or two when I get done.

Also, I am looking for more Senior Representatives for Jessica Hollis Photography! I need someone who is outgoing, fun, and involved in their school. You will receive a free mini session along with a proof book to show off and rep cards (they are like business cards for a senior, they have your photo with your cell #, your myspace address, etc) to hand out. You will also receive $20 print credit or CASH for any friend who you refer to me who has their senior photos taken with me!
I already have a rep at Sesser-Valier High School and Mt. Vernon High School, and am interested in finding juniors in some of the surrounding schools to do this too! I am looking for reps at Benton, DuQuoin, Christopher, Waltonville, Woodlawn, etc. If you are a junior or know someone who is and would be good at it, contact me!
Email me at info@jessicahollisphotography.com or call me at #618-625-6787. Thanks!

Now I'm off to bed...Cohen's asleep, so I need to be too!!

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