Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Family Preview & more

I had this family session a few weeks ago, and we had hoped for good weather because they wanted outside pictures, but it was freezing that day! I thought they did a good job pretending that they weren't cold, though! We did the session at the grandparents house, and they had a great location for photos. There was a picture of them a few posts ago with the grandpas awesome old car! Here are the Squires:

Here's the car again! Isn't it neat!? The dog was in the family picture, and afterward he stayed in the back, I thought this was a funny image.
Aren't those eyes pretty!
When I was editing the pictures of the grandparents together, I just had to do a storyboard of them. They were cute!
Thanks for a great session! You guys did awesome!

I have a few pics from recent sessions that I haven't finished proofing yet, but I thought I'd share a sneak peek for them! Check out this adorable cowboy!

This session I just had last night, and these girls were so much fun! I got a chance to use one of my antique store finds, this awesome frame! I thought it turned out really cute!
More of both these sessions later!

We finally got a picture of Cohen smiling! He smiles a lot, but the second I grab the camera he quits. Last night Johnny had him laughing, and we got some cute smiles!
This last one is Cohen being bored with me trying to take his 2 month pictures this morning!

He was 2 months on Monday. It is really hard to pose a baby and take it's photo at the same time! I will probably have to wait till Johnny comes home and can help me, or all the pics will look like this!
Quick Ava story and then I gotta go get some orders put in. Last night Maddie Kate had gotten in trouble (which is pretty rare around here, especially compared to how often Ava is in trouble!) and Maddie was crying and sitting on her daddy's lap. Ava ran in with a pretend camera and said,"Sissy, you're being a BABY!" and took a picture of Maddie Kate crying. Johnny and I started laughing, but trying not to let the girls see us, it was like she was documenting Maddie Kate's troubles and making fun of her! How does she know to do that stuff? She is a funny kid!
Have a great day, and pray for it NOT TO RAIN!! :)

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  1. I LOVE the bored picture!! That is so cute! The laughing ones are great, too! Ava is a pistol!!!