Monday, October 29, 2007

Just a few days left...

to get in on October's blog special! Here it is to remind you:
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The bridal show that I did last week on Sunday went well, I have had several calls/emails from interested brides and am setting up some meetings. However, I did want to clarify that I am taking off from photographing weddings from February-May of 2008. I feel that this is time that need to set aside for the new baby. He will be so little then, and will need me all the time, and I will not want to leave him! (plus who knows how much sleep I'll be getting at that time?!) So it is my own little maternity leave! I do have 2 weddings already scheduled during this time, but one was scheduled before I knew I was pregnant, and the other is at the very end of May, (scheduled before I decided about my maternity leave). So to be fair to my new baby, myself, and my clients, I am not going to schedule any more weddings during those months, but I am booking starting in the summer. So if you are interested in having me do your summer/fall/winter 2008 wedding, please contact me asap to schedule those dates. Also, I will continue to do sessions after the baby gets here, (probably not in February though since he is due Feb 14th! More like March/April) because those only take a few hours, as opposed to weddings, which take all day. So if you are interested in sessions in the spring, that will be fine, and if your wedding date is June 1st, 2008 or later, I will be happy to meet or talk with you now to go over details and get your date reserved!

Back in August our family went to Current River with my parents and all my siblings (all 12 of us!) and I posted a few pics, and promised to add some from my sister's water camera once I got them...well, yesterday she finally gave me the cd's with the photos! (to her credit, she said she just got them herself) So here are a few I thought were fun, but I must say, I didn't bother to edit them. I mean, it's water camera pictures put on a CD at Wal-mart, you can't expect too much!! :)
This is Ava in her Daddy's hat and Dora life jacket! She does still use a pop sometimes when she is sad or tired. Sorry to anyone who thinks that is bad! :) We know it needs to stop, but it helps her sleep, and we hate to buck the system that is currently working so well!

This is what happens when you wear a diaper in a hot tub! Ha ha! (Awesome face, Sweed)
This was the big thing to try to do: find a big currenty spot and make a chain in the water!
This is Troy underwater. It just looks freaky so I thought I'd add it!

This is me and Mom sitting in the edge of the water with Ava, just watching everyone else play. I would have loved to be playing with everyone else, but being pregnant, I felt like I needed to be extra careful on this trip, so I did a lot of watching!
Here I am trying to get Ava to play a little in the water, but as you can see from her face, she wasn't too interested, plus it is freezing cold! And I know, my hair looks super cool...
This was a little more Ava's speed! You don't have to touch the water this way!
We didn't have a high chair or a booster in the house my parents rented, so this was how Ava kept sitting at the table!
I really like this one! We had a good time, and I hope we can do it again next year! I don't know how it would go with a new baby though, he will be so young next summer! I am so looking forward to his arrival! :)

I know there are some of you out there checking for your previews, so I thought I would let you know that I will be posting wedding photos and hopefully some fall kids pictures in the next few days!



  1. No pressure, but I sure do hope Caleb's pictures are on the preview! I am just dying!!!! LOL.

  2. No pressure here either :), but I have been checking my email and your blog page like crazy because we all can't wait to see the wedding pictures!! Everyone has been asking about them and I know they will be great!!

  3. Your girls are so cute!
    Paula Babor