Monday, October 1, 2007


I forgot to do a September blog special, but I am trying to get back on track! Here is the special for the month of October!
All you have to do is leave me a comment anywhere on this blog in the month of October, and you will be entered to win a free session, to be taken during the month of November! Any questions? Leave me a comment :) with your email address and I will get back to you asap!

I also want to say that I am booking Christmas sessions throughout the month of November, but will not be taking "rush Christmas sessions" during the month of December. So if you want me to do Christmas photos for you, it will need to be done in November so I am not having to rush to proof and order Christmas pictures or cards this year. I have 2 weddings at the beginning of December, not to mention all the extra Christmas things that have to be done for my family that month, so I don't want to be crunched right up to Christmastime any more than I will be anyway! :) Just email or call me to book your November Christmas session!

I had a wonderful birthday! Johnny actually *did not go to a football game!* (this is a big deal!) so we could spend some time together that afternoon and evening. He also bought me a big old cedar chest to use for photography.
Here's our family on my 29th Birthday! Photo credits go to my mom! :)
We went with most of my family to Red Lobster that night and then we split up and some of us went to Target and some to Rural King (can you guess where I went? :) ) and I bought the girls several things for fall. Maddie Kate has really grown this year and needs new pants and long-sleeved shirts, so we stocked up a bit! I also got a new diaper bag that I had seen last time I was there that I kept thinking about, and a new maternity dress that makes my stomach look huge! But it is really cute, so I don't care! I also got a new comforter for my bed, and Johnny was like, "oh great, now I have to paint!" but it will be so pretty! I redid our room the year I was pregnant with Ava (as my Christmas gifts) and so I figure it's time to redo it again! If I can't have new clothes for Christmas, then I will just redo our bedroom! Then after shopping we went home and ate ice cream cake. It was a nice day, and I appreciate everyone who thought of me that day!


  1. Hope you had a great birthday! How is the baby baking going?

  2. I just read your profile and congratulations on your boy. Your family is very cute! Good luck to you as a photographer. I'm just now starting to get my feet into it again as I had 2 baby's over a 3 year period. Lots of work! Good luck to you :)!

  3. Jessica,
    I love your blog! Life seems to be AWESOME for you, I am so happy for ya!