Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Beautiful Couple and a Beautiful Wedding!

Here is a wedding preview post for a beautiful couple, Ashley & Isaac. I did their engagement session back in the spring, and they are just so wonderfully photogenic! I love weddings and appreciate them for allowing me to be a part of their special day! On to the pictures!

The following images were taken by my assistant, Alisa. (Edited by me) She rocks!

Your book will be ready later this week! I will call you the second it is ready! Thanks! :)



  1. awww those pictures turned out wonderful!! i love them and you!!

  2. oh sorry its alexis i forgot to say that lol!!

  3. So, I'm one of those annoying anonymous blog-lurkers who never post! I found your site through Kellie (she's keeping my boys, since I returned to work from maternity leave...I'm sure you'll hear ALL about us! =) I absolutely adore the work you do and the pictures on this blog and your other site. I'm sure we met a hundred years ago when your mom did a Stampin' Up party at Kellie's old house...anyway...keep up the great work!


  4. Jessica,
    Your mom showed me your blog one day at her house, and my daughter Kirsten has it open all the time now. She loves all the babies and is always calling me to the computer to see, and she will have your site open! I hadn't gotten a chance to tell you congrats on the new little boy! Your photography work is gorgeous! Jan McGowen