Friday, October 12, 2007

This week... one of those weeks that at first glance I look back and think, "Didn't get anything done this week!" but reality is that I have been very busy doing what I call "maintenance" on my business. That's the not as fun business-y part of the business that I don't really care to do, I love the part that has to do with people and pictures! Maybe someday I'll be able to hire someone to do the business part for me, that would be great!!! Dreaming here! :)
I did get something pretty cool set up though, and that is my new online client viewing site. I still need Troy the computer guru to help me link it up to my website, but I am really liking it so far, and I think you clients out there will too. It is much prettier and better quality than the old viewing site was, but you cannot order online there, you will have to order through me by email or phone (or in person if need be!) but I don't think that will be a problem, as that is how most people order anyway! :)
And I did a Senior shoot on Monday, and wow, it was like 95 degrees that day! But now it's freezing, and I don't know how outdoor pictures will go with the change in temperature. Everyone's been sweating and boiling all summer and fall, and now no one's gonna want to go out without a big jacket! Tonight is Sesser's Homecoming game, so of course we will be going to that, and I am hoping the girls and I don't freeze to death! Maybe Ava will cuddle with me instead of running away like usual! (Dreaming again...)
Yesterday I had a baby Dr. appt and it went well! He scared me for a second when he said that the ultrasound technician at the hospital had reported that my amniotic fluid was low. I asked "what happens when it is low?" and he said "Some people have to go on bed rest." so I was all "AHHHHHH!" for about 2 minutes until he checked it and said he was measuring lots of amniotic fluid and that it was fine and must just have been the technician. Bed rest for me would be such bad news! What would I do with Ava, and would Johnny have to stay home with me? and what about the 3 weddings I have scheduled in the next few months? Wow, I am so glad that it's not reality! he said everything looked fine and I was measuring right on at 22 weeks (even though when I told Johnny that he said, "really? because I've been thinking you look really big!" Thanks, hon.) If you are interested in seeing what the baby's development is like at this stage, click HERE.
As I mentioned it has been Homecoming week here at Sesser, so that means lots of extra events and the kids at High School dressing up funny for each day of the week. They had to dress up like "laundry day" and "Halloween day"etc. Well, Wednesday was "formal day" so Johnny and the youth group boys decide to wear the white tuxes that they bought at the thrift store last July in Little Rock, Arkansas. (see July posts to read about that!) One of the original youth group boys is in college, so they borrowed his and loaned it to another kid, so it was a slightly different crew, but they did it anyway! Here are a few pics of them leaving in Johnny's Malibu that morning!
One of the boys wasn't here yet so he missed out on the photo op, sorry Kyle! Tyler is really asleep in this one!
License plate changed to protect the innocent...or insane!
I just wonder how many other teachers would do husband is so funny! I think they look like they are on their way to a wedding in the 80's!
Well, I'm going to do my best to get some editing done today, between the Ava chasing and running with her to the potty, and stopping her from playing with DVD's and reading her books...that's pretty much what we do!

Oh, and one last thing...I am helping out Regions Bank in Sesser with a United Way fundraiser, and am going to donate a gift certificate for a free session. I think you can bid on the basket full of goodies at the bank (LOTS of businesses in town have donated, so it's probably a really good deal if you win it) starting on Monday, the 15th. So go win some fun stuff and help out United Way! :)



  1. I'm so glad you are a United Way supporter! I have been working with all the fundraisers at my work this year for United Way. Anywho, I'm glad your pregnancy is going well...we just found out a few weeks ago that we are having #3 as well! I may have to ask you how you are doing after yours comes!
    Take care!

  2. I am glad everything is going okay with Baby Hollis. Johnny and the boys were definitely the "hit" at school. Little did they know it was spaghetti day!

  3. Agreed. The shoot on monday was blistering hot! I can't wait for my pictures to come in, I'm very excited :) But anyways, I'm also glad you're not on bed rest.

    Take care,
    Alecia :)