Friday, May 21, 2010

My girl...

Today my first daughter is 9 years old.

She was born a few weeks before our second anniversary, and only 3 days after Johnny graduated from college.

To be honest, at the beginning of my pregnancy, I was scared to death!!

I was the first of my friends to have a baby, we lived away from family in Nashville, TN at the time, and I was freaked out!

The day she was born I went to work and I remember calling my mom and telling her I felt weird.

By that afternoon at 5, I was in the hospital, getting ready to have my first baby.

Our parents began rushing down from Illinois, our best friends came to the hospital, and everything seemed to happen so fast, I don't remember much of the labor part.

At 10:01 pm, Madison Kate Hollis came into this world, and her Daddy and I looked at her and each other in amazement!

This was the little girl we had been waiting for! She was cone-headed, super fat-cheeked, and so red! She was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen!

Now here she is, 9 years old today...

Too grown up, too beautiful, too smart...asking for trampolines and pedicures for her birthday...

I am amazed at her everyday!

Thank you Maddie Kate, for being my wonderful daughter! Now stop growing, that is enough! :)



  1. absolutely loved that little message to your baby girl...made me tear up thinking about mine:) i tell her to slow down everyday...and here she is already 6 months old...happy birthday MK!
    -Rachel Kremer

  2. thank u rachel thank u mommie I LOVE U 2 DEATH MADDIE KATE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. Awesome post about awesome Maddie Kate! Love her soooooo much and very proud of her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MK! As always the pics are wonderful, Jessica!!

    Vickie (Grandma)

  4. A beautiful young lady inside and out!! Happy Birthday Miss Maddie Kate!!!

  5. The processing is awesome and wow is she a little lady or what?! So beautiful!

  6. Beautiful pics - each and every one!

  7. That blog post put tears in my eyes, Jessica!

  8. MK,
    You are soooo funny and pretty. I love you sooooo much!=}