Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kendall at 9 months {Sesser & Pinckneyville, IL Baby Photographer}

Yay! Kendall came for her 9 month pictures and she decided to smile this time! :) She had smiled tons at her 3 month session, which is much more rare (I think, anyway!) and then didn't smile for her 6 month session, or the family session we did when she was about 7 months. Well, she turned her frown upside down for her 9 month session, she was all smiles! And with those tiny cute little teeth she's growing, she should be! :)

Even though, with all the smiles, I am in love with the one below!

We had an Oreo party at the end, I think she loved her first taste of Oreos!

Thanks for a fabulous session, Miss Kendall! See you in a few months for the big ONE year session! :)


  1. my fav is the last one 22222 cuuuutttteeeee love,
    maddie kate