Thursday, April 16, 2009

And now a moment you all love to read about...

Ava. It is such a sweet little name for a sweet little girl. Which she is...sometimes! The rest of the time she is a little crazy child who's mind works in ways I cannot for the life of me understand!

I always try to keep the door to our room shut anytime Cohen is awake, because his favorite past-time is to trash our bathroom. Tear up magazines, throw everything he can reach on the floor, and steal hairbrushes and combs so I can't find them. So on Tuesday morning, the door was closed, but Ava opened it and she and Cohen ran in there. I gave it about a minute, and then I went to get them out. Things didn't look too bad when I got there, just a little rearrangement, and a smeared spot of green nail polish (Maddie Kate's, not mine :) on the lid of the toilet. I talked to Ava about not using the nail polish, that that is mommy's job not hers (something I am telling her EVERY DAY right now). I left it there so she could show daddy what she did when he came home (I've been trying to use double that redundant?) lately with her... Anyway, that was on Tuesday, and yesterday I was cleaning the bathroom, and discovered this:

More green nail polish!! It was on the side next to the wall, (very hard to take a picture of) and I didn't see it the first time! And she sure didn't tell us! Grr....

On Monday, Johnny was going to Walmart, so he took Ava with him, and he bought her a pack of gum. Normally, Ava isn't allowed to be in possession of gum, or candy, or lipgloss, things like that...but since it was hers and she has been more gum responsible lately, I didn't take it away. Uh, shoulda known better!

This is Ava with a whole piece of gum in her hair, and me trying to get it out with peanut butter. She got it in there and then somehow stretched it and got it in a few more spots, all on top of her head. She was very distressed about me putting peanut butter in her hair, she wanted me to cut it! yeah right! :) These pictures are gross...

Well, check back later, I'm going to be posting some senior announcement cards!


  1. Jessica, I love this story about the gum! Daniel had gum in church when he was 3 and somehow lost it. We found it after church, ground into the church pew. At that time the pews weren't that old. We went to someone's house after church and borrowed peanut butter and worked on it for hours after everyone left. We still know exactly what pew & where the spot is but I'm not sure anyone else even knows!!! Pam Kash

  2. What is in the pic of the bathroom