Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alyssa & Sean are married!

This was my first wedding of the year, and it was exciting, because the groom, Sean, is in our youth group, and he is the first of them to get married since we have been at our church. Johnny performed the wedding, and right at the last minute the original flower girl couldn't make it (well, we knew a few days before), so Maddie Kate stepped in as the flower girl! So this was a very personal wedding for me, with two of my immediate family members in it!
Here are some of my favorite shots from the day (some from me and some from my assistant, Alisa):

Here's the pretty bride:

And the handsome groom:

I think I have more outtakes from this wedding than any one ever before! Sorry Sean, I had to add this one!

This one is Sean with his twin brother and mom...

And here's the pretty little flowergirl! :)

This is the happy groom right before the bride came down the aisle:

It was chilly that day, and not very pretty out, so we jumped inside!

But I did talk the bride and groom into a few outside...

And one final silly one of the flowergirl...what is she doing?!

Thanks to the happy couple for letting me do your wedding photos! It was fun being part of the big day to someone I am close to!

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  1. These are so sweet! I was pleasantly surprised to see that no camo was worn during the wedding. (Although, I totally could picture him wearing his camo & face paint!) You did such a great job at capturing their day! (and MK looked so sweet!)