Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wow, I'm a blogger!

This is weird. I'm always reading blogs, not posting them! I'm going to give it a try though! Will I even have enough to say? I don't know!
I am a stay at mom mommy of two of the cutest little girls that I know (of course, aren't everyone's kids the cutest kids that they know?!) and I babysit, and I have a photography business. I am going to quit babysitting though, at the end of May to concentrate on the photo business, which I am VERY excited about! I adore kids, but I have wanted to be a photographer ever since I had my Senior pictures done, and so I'm chasing my dream!!
My oldest daughter is Maddie Kate, and she is in Kindergarten, learning to read pretty well, and has several wiggly teeth that I don't want to fall out! She has a big month coming up in May. She will graduate kindergarten on May 18th, and turn 6 on May 21st. It's kind of interesting to me that the dates this year fall the same way they did when she was born, except that year, it was Daddy who was graduating college on May 17th, and Maddie Kate was born on the 21st. I can't hardly stand it that she is that old. She is supposed to be the age of Ava!
Ava, my little A-bomb, is 2o months old and so full of life and so mischievous! It's crazy how ornery she can be! Everyone tells me that she's just normal and that Maddie Kate was just exceptionally good, but I don't know!! I do know that even with all the kids I have babysat, I had never had to have cabinet locks until Ava came along! She is talking quite a bit now and will repeat everything you say, and is starting to ask questions! Yesterday I was arranging the DVD's in the entertainment center (that she had dumped out, or course~still need a lock for that one!) and she said "whayadoin?" and I just about fell over! Then when we took MK to her baseball practice she said "whereyagoin'?" and I was amazed again!
Well I think this is good enough for a "first practice post" so we'll give this a try!
Have a good one!

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  1. Yaay!!! Jessica's got a blog!!! Maybe you'll inspire me to keep up with mine more! LOL!