Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Medicine, Messes, and Milestones

So it turns out that I was probably so sleepy last week because my new Dr. had allowed generic Synthroid on my prescription, and the generic is not strictly regulated. If you take Synthroid, make sure your Dr. always prescribes the real thing, because I noticed the effects of the generic IMMEDIATELY! My heart would race when I first woke up and I was very sleepy for a few days! I'm back to normal now that I'm back on the real Synthroid. Thank goodness, because I was having shades of last year and how awful my Hashimoto's was, and I don't want to experience that EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

Ava managed to destroy or mess up something almost everyday of last week. Monday it was my blush, she dug into it with her fingers and got it all over herself and 2 big spots on the carpet in 2 different rooms. Tuesday, as you have already read about in last weeks entry, was the black Sharpie all over the couch cushion and her hands. Wednesday, she squeezed a bottle of hand lotion out all over the coffee table, and Thursday she ripped a page out of my Bible! Everyone always gasps when I tell them that, but somehow, out of all the pages in a Bible, she managed to rip out the blank one in the back that says "notes", so all was okay! Saturday she got an old lipstick dug into it and rubbed it all over her jammies and her belly! It was an old one I never use, but it sure did stain! I had to give her a bath to get the stain off her belly and I have washed the jammies several times and they still have red spots! I can't keep up with her, so I'm sure there will be lots more on the antics of Ava in the days to come. Despite all her trouble, she is a cheerful little girl, all morning she has been going around saying "Happy day!" which was the first 2 words that she ever put together on her own a few months ago.

Sunday afternoon, I took some pictures of Maddie Kate to use for her birthday party invitations (above) next month, and I'm so glad that I did get one last little photo shoot of her before that evening, when she passed a growing up milestone that I had been really dreading. She lost her first tooth!
(Of course, Mommy is worried about Maddie Kate entering the "morphing" stage, when kids teeth are falling out and they start to grow a lot and look funny for awhile, Mommy wants to keep her little girl little!) It had been wiggly for several weeks, but the new tooth had already begun coming up behind it about a week and a half ago, so her Daddy had been really after her to wiggle it and get it to fall out. Well, on Sunday evening when we got home from church, he asked to see it and just popped it right out! Maddie Kate started to cry, but I started cheering and doing a happy dance, and so did Johnny, and then she was laughing through her tears! It was so cute, I wish we had a video of how silly we all were! And then I held her and I cried for awhile! She was so excited about the Tooth Fairy coming! Most of her little friends at church and school, some of whom are younger than her, have already lost teeth, so she knew all about the tooth fairy and what goodies the other kids had been getting!

Tomorrow I will post some pictures from my engagement shoot on Saturday! Hope you have a great day!

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  1. As you know I have a unique understanding of the generic vs expensive pills debate and I can relate. I'm fairly certain that someone thought that generic=cheaper and that usually is best for the patient who has to buy pills all the time. I tried generic and time release myself and found there is no substitute for the real thing.

    As for the tiny terror I can also relate. I would destroy magazines, newspapers, curtains basically anything that could be destroyed by ripping (my favorite apparently was TV guide, usually within 20 minutes of it arriving at the house)