Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"It's on, SUCKA!"

No, that is not a quote from the latest action movie. Ava actually said this to me yesterday, though I am going to take it out of context! When Ava said this, she was telling me that her show was on TV. She calls me "Sucka". Isn't that WEIRD? It never ever occurred to me that the end of my name, Jessica, is actually "Sucka" if you don't pronounce the "i" sound. If you haven't believed me before that Ava is a wild one, here's a story to prove it! Just a little while after she said her now infamous quote, somewhere she managed to find a black Sharpie marker and proceeded to scribble all over the cushion on the chaise of our sectional.

Unbelieveable! as Johnny would say. When we bought the couch, we had a teflon coating put on it to help protect it from the kids and all their messes, but this one takes the cake! So I'm scrubbing and scrubbing, because the only thing the info I have says to clean it with soapy water, and of course that's not working on the insane black permanent marker. I go digging and find the tags that were on the sectional when we bought it, and call the Teflon people, who proceed to tell me that my warranty doesn't cover ink stains! What the heck, it was expensive enough, it should cover ANYTHING my kids do to it! That's why we got a warranty!! After this frustration, I figure I have nothing to lose, so I get out the SpotShot, which I use on the stains on carpet. So I attack the cushion with it and scrubbed for, I'm not kidding, at least an hour! My arm was burning! Amazingly, after it dried, it looks pretty good. You'd have to know what you were looking for to be able to see the stain. But unfortunately, I spent the entire time she was napping working on that dang cushion! So the next time Ava yells, "It's on Sucka!" I will be ready!!!


  1. I think that if you look closely she was only writing "It's on, SUCKA!" in all caps.

    I always thought that Ava had that twinkle in her eyes that said "I'm gonna be sneaky when i get older"

    BTW I love blogs so keep it up.

  2. That's hysterical! I'm SO glad someone else's kid does things like that.