Monday, March 22, 2010

Brooklyn is 3 & Brody is 3 months! {Sesser, IL Children's Photographer}

I have had the honor to photograph Brooklyn at age 1, 2 & now 3, and also this was Brody's 2nd session of his baby plan, so it was a fun mix of both kids!

This one makes me laugh!!

These chicks were their mommy's from her 2nd grade classroom. They hatched them in an incubator in the class and she brought some of them to have pics with Brooklyn. They were the perfect chicks!

This is a "I'm a perfect angel!" shot! how she did this I have no idea... :)

Cubs fan! :)

Thanks for bringing them for these special sessions, they did fabulous!

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  1. Brody is a cub's fan I AM A CARDINAL'S FAN !!!!!! Maddie Hollis