Monday, January 12, 2009

What was she thinking?

Oh my Ava! My sweet crazy insano Ava.
Last night we were getting ready for church, and I had just dressed Ava and Cohen. I had left them together in his room and went to my room to change. Not a minute later, Maddie Kate runs in and says, "Mom! Dad says for you to come right now!" She kinda freaked me out because of the urgency in her voice. So I ran into Cohen's room, and this is what I saw:

Just when I'm starting to think she's growing up a little, she goes and squirts half a bottle of baby lotion on her brother's head! Not to mention I just dressed him for church, it's all over his shirt, and so he had to have a bath and new clothes! Johnny said the look on my face was priceless.

I've been playing with my new backdrops and lights a lot lately...still working on it, but thought I'd show off a few of my faves of the girls from the past day or two!

Jennifer was nice enough to bring back these lollipops for the girls from her DisneyWorld trip! So we tried to take some pics with them, but Ava had busted hers before it got opened, so she couldn't really do the cute lolli pics....sounds about right, huh?! :)

In the words of my friend Wendy, "She may look innocent, and she may look sweet, but that girl is a LITTLE RASCAL!"


  1. Oh my goodness Jessica! That quote if from so long ago! Who knew we would use it as mommies! How funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  2. What a funny story!! Ava ia a priceless lil darlin!!

  3. What a beautiful girl! I love the BnW! I also love that shot in your banner/Header.

  4. LOL kids, LOVE the story, LOL gosh thanks for the laugh this am I needed it.

    The lighting, wow, great job - I am totally impressed, I just got my 2 crazies some heart lollies I am hoping will lead to happy kids and great photos!

  5. Really like your new backdrops. Our Ava is such a M-E-S-S with a capital "A" (as Maddie Kate says). Cohen's expression says, "Don't I look cute?" Sure hope he is not taking lessons! The pic of Maddie Kate is beautiful, as usual.

  6. haha..well i'm glad maddie got some candy pictures...too bad aves didn't work out :-(

    and wow...the lotion...oh aves.

  7. . .paybacks can be very hard Ms Jessica - I think there are some stories on the momma somewhere in my memory. .